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Arts & Humanities

This course list includes all Arts and Humanities courses approved in Spring 2014 for the Breadth of Inquiry requirement of the IU Bloomington Campus-wide General Education Program. This course listing applies to courses offered in Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015. (Please note that courses approved for A&H credit are not necessarily offered every semester.)

AAAD-A 112Black Music of Two Worlds
AAAD-A 131Early African American and African Diaspora Literature
AAAD-A 132Recent African American and African Diaspora Literature
AAAD-A 150Survey of the Culture of Black Americans
AAAD-A 169Introduction to African American Literature
AAAD-A 249African American Autobiography
AAAD-A 252African American Art I: African Heritage
AAAD-A 277Images of Blacks in Films: 1903-1950s
AAAD-A 278Contemporary Black Film
AAAD-A 290Sociocultural Perspective of African American Music
AAAD-A 295Survey of Hip Hop
AAAD-A 297Popular Music of Black America
AAST-A 200Asian American Literature
AAST-A 201Asian Diaspora Experience
AMID-D 191Design Studies: Form and Function
AMST-A 200Comparative American Identities
AMST-A 202U.S. Arts and Media
ANTH-A 208Topics in the Anthropology of the Arts and Expressive Behavior
ANTH-E 208Global Jazz, Reggae, and Hip-Hop: African Diasporic Music Beyond the African Diaspora
CLAS-C 101Ancient Greek Culture
CLAS-C 102Roman Culture
CLAS-C 205Classical Mythology
CLAS-C 206Classical Art and Archaeology
CLLC-L 110Text, Image, Sound
CLLC-L 210Culture, the Arts, and Society
CMCL-C 190Introduction to Media
CMCL-C 205Introduction to Communication and Culture
CMCL-C 207Topics in Cultural Analysis and Interpretation
CMCL-C 208Image Cultures
CMCL-C 209Topics in Rhetoric and Public Culture
CMCL-C 220Performing Human/Nature: Defining Relationships with the Environment
CMCL-C 222Democratic Deliberation
CMCL-C 228Argumentation and Public Advocacy
CMCL-C 238Communication in Black America
CMLT-C 111Reading the World
CMLT-C 147Images of the Self: East and West
CMLT-C 151Introduction to Popular Culture
CMLT-C 155Culture and the Modern Experience: An Interdisciplinary and International Approach
CMLT-C 200Honors Seminar
CMLT-C 205Comparative Literary Analysis
CMLT-C 216Science Fiction, Fantasy, and the Western Tradition
CMLT-C 217Detective, Mystery, and Horror Literature
CMLT-C 219Romance and the Western Tradition
CMLT-C 251Lyrics and Popular Song
CMLT-C 252Literary and Television Genres
CMLT-C 255Modern Literature and Other Arts: An Introduction
CMLT-C 257Asian Literature and Other Arts
CMLT-C 261Introduction to African Literature
CMLT-C 262Cross-Cultural Encounters
CMLT-C 265Introduction to East Asian Poetry
CMLT-C 291Studies in Non-Western Film
COGS-Q 240Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive and Information Sciences
COLL-C 103Critical Approaches to the Arts and Humanities
COLL-S 103Freshman Seminar in Arts and Humanities
EALC-E 100East Asia: An Introduction
EALC-E 110Popular Culture in East Asia
EDUC-M 200Artifacts, Museums, and Everyday Life
ENG-L 111Discovering Literature
ENG-L 112Experiencing World Cultures through Literatures in English
ENG-L 203Introduction to Drama
ENG-L 204Introduction to Fiction
ENG-L 205Introduction to Poetry
ENG-L 206Introduction to Prose (Excluding Fiction)
ENG-L 207Women and Literature
ENG-L 210Studies in Popular Literature and Mass Media
ENG-L 213Literary Masterpieces I
ENG-L 214Literary Masterpieces II
ENG-L 220Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG-L 223Introduction to Ethnic American Literature
ENG-L 224Introduction to World Literatures in English
ENG-L 230Introduction to Science Fiction
ENG-L 240Literature and Public Life
ENG-L 241American Jewish Writers
ENG-L 249Representations of Gender and Sexuality
ENG-L 260Introduction to the Advanced Study of Literature
ENG-L 295American Film Culture
ENG-W 103Introductory Creative Writing
FINA-A 206Classical Art and Archaeology
FINA-A 220American Arts/American Identities, 1776-1945
FINA-A 226Survey of Medieval Art
FINA-A 231The Age of Giants: Art in the Time of Leonardo and Michelangelo
FINA-A 234Renaissance Florence
FINA-A 280The Art of Comics
FINA-D 210Digital Art: Survey and Practice
FINA-F 100Fundamental Studio--Drawing
FINA-F 101Fundamental Studio--3D
FINA-F 102Fundamental Studio--2D
FINA-H 100Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture for Non-Majors
FINA-N 110Introduction to Studio Art for Nonmajors
FINA-N 130Digital Imagery for Nonmajors
FINA-N 198Introduction to Photography for Nonmajors
FINA-S 270Sculpture I
FINA-S 271Introduction to Figurative Sculpture
FINA-S 291Fundamentals of Photography
FOLK-E 112Black Music of Two Worlds
FOLK-E 295Survey of Hip Hop
FOLK-E 297Popular Music of Black America
FOLK-F 101Introduction to Folklore
FOLK-F 111World Music and Culture
FOLK-F 131Folklore in the United States
FOLK-F 225Forms of Commemoration
FOLK-F 235Personal Narratives: A Course in Folklore and Literature
FOLK-F 252Folklore and the Humanities
FOLK-F 256The Supernatural and Folklore
FRIT-M 222Topics in Italian Culture
FRIT-M 234Florence in Florence
FRIT-M 235Rome, the City and the Myth
FRIT-M 236Dante's Divine Comedy
FRIT-M 237Boccaccio's Social Decameron
FRIT-M 238Visual, Musical, and Literary Culture in Italy
GLLC-G 210Global Village Colloquium
GNDR-G 101Gender, Culture, and Society
GNDR-G 225Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture
HISP-S 220Chicano and Puerto Rican Literature
HISP-S 265Topics in Hispanic Literature in Translation
HON-H 211Ideas and Experience I
HON-H 213Madness and Melancholy
HON-H 232Meaningful Writing
HON-H 233Great Authors, Composers, and Artists
HON-H 234Literature of Time and Place
HON-H 235Religion in Literature, Music, Art, and Performance
HON-H 239Gender across the Disciplines
HON-H 242Animal Ethics
INTL-I 201Culture and the Arts: International Perspectives
JSTU-J 203Arts and Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies
JSTU-J 220Sacred Books of the Jews
JSTU-J 258Representing Jews and African Americans in American Musical Theatre
JSTU-L 270Coming to America: History and Memory of Immigration in Jewish Literature
JSTU-L 280David: The Man and the King
JSTU-L 285Guns and Roses: Representations of Soldiers & War in Modern Hebrew Literature
LATS-L 200American Borderlands
LATS-L 220Introduction to Latino Literature
MEST-M 200Medieval Cultures
MUS-L 121Beginning Guitar Class and Styles
MUS-L 122Intermediate Guitar Class and Styles
MUS-P 110Beginning Piano Class 1, Non-Music Majors
MUS-P 120Beginning Piano Class 2, Non-Music Majors
MUS-T 109Rudiments of Music
MUS-T 151Music Theory and Literature I
MUS-Z 101Music for the Listener
MUS-Z 111Introduction to Music Theory
MUS-Z 120Music in Multimedia
MUS-Z 171Opera Theater Series I
MUS-Z 172Opera Theater Series II
MUS-Z 201History of Rock 'n' Roll Music I
MUS-Z 202History of Rock 'n' Roll Music II
MUS-Z 203History of Rock 'n' Roll Music III
MUS-Z 211Music Theory II
MUS-Z 250Choral Masterworks: Singing Through History
MUS-Z 260Music in American Society
MUS-Z 265American Country Music
MUS-Z 270Music of War and Peace
MUS-Z 280Music of the Silk Road
MUS-Z 281East-West Encounters in Music
MUS-Z 282Music of Russia
NELC-N 212Contemporary Literatures of the Middle East (in English Translation)
PHIL-P 100Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-P 105Thinking and Reasoning
PHIL-P 135Introduction to Existentialism
PHIL-P 140Introduction to Ethics
PHIL-P 145Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL-P 150Elementary Logic
PHIL-P 201Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHIL-P 211Modern Philosophy: Descartes through Kant
PHIL-P 240Business and Morality
PHIL-P 242Applied Ethics
PHIL-P 246Introduction to Philosophy and Art
POLS-Y 105Introduction to Political Theory
REL-A 210Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
REL-A 220Introduction to the New Testament
REL-A 230Introduction to Judaism
REL-A 235Sacred Books of the Jews
REL-A 250Introduction to Christianity
REL-A 270Introduction to Islam
REL-B 210Introduction to Buddhism
REL-B 220Introduction to Hinduism
REL-B 230Introduction to Chinese Religion
REL-D 250Religion, Ecology, and the Self
REL-R 102Religion and Popular Culture
REL-R 133Introduction to Religion
REL-R 152Jews, Christians, Muslims
REL-R 153Religions of Asia
REL-R 160Introduction to Religion in America
REL-R 170Religion, Ethics, and Public Life
SLAV-C 223Introduction to Czech Culture
SLAV-P 223Introduction to Polish Culture
SLAV-R 123Masterworks of Russian Short Fiction
SLAV-R 223Introduction to Russian Culture
SLAV-R 224Contemporary Russian Culture
SLAV-R 263Pushkin to Dostoevsky
SLAV-R 264Tolstoy to Solzhenitsyn
SLAV-S 223Introduction to Balkan and South Slavic Cultures
SLAV-U 223Introduction to Ukrainian Culture
THTR-D 231Introduction to Dance Studies
THTR-T 100Introduction to Theatre
THTR-T 101Script Analysis for the Theatre
THTR-T 108Great Performances in Film
THTR-T 120Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting