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Natural & Mathematical Sciences

This course list includes all Natural and Mathematical Sciences courses approved in Spring 2014 for the Breadth of Inquiry requirement of the IU Bloomington Campus-wide General Education Program. This course listing applies to courses offered in Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015. (Please note that courses approved for N&M credit are not necessarily offered every semester.)

ANAT-A 215        Basic Human Anatomy*
ANTH-A 107        Becoming Human: Evolving Genes, Bodies, Behavior, Ideas*
ANTH-A 211        Anthropology Topics in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences*
ANTH-B 200        Bioanthropology*
ANTH-B 260        Biocultural Medical Anthropology*
AST-A 100            The Solar System*
AST-A 102            Gravity, the Great Attractor: Evolution of Planets, Stars, and Galaxies*
AST-A 103            The Search for Life in the Universe*
AST-A 105            Stars and Galaxies*
AST-A 115            Birth and Death of the Universe*
AST-A 221            General Astronomy I*
AST-A 222            General Astronomy II*
BIOL-L 100           Humans and the Biological World*
BIOL-L 104           Introductory Biology Lectures*
BIOL-L 111           Introduction to Biology: Evolution and Diversity*
BIOL-L 112           Introduction to Biology: Biological Mechanisms*
CHEM-C 100       The World as Chemistry*
CHEM-C 101       Elementary Chemistry I*
CHEM-C 102       Elementary Chemistry II*
CHEM-C 103       Introduction to Chemical Principles*
CHEM-C 117       Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry I*
CHEM-C 118       Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry II*
CHEM-C 121       Elementary Chemistry Laboratory I*
CHEM-C 122       Elementary Chemistry Laboratory II*
CHEM-C 127       Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory*
CHEM-S 117        Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Honors*
CLLC-L 130           Science and the Universe*
CLLC-L 230           Life—Concepts and Issues*
COGS-Q 101       Introduction to Cognitive Science
COLL-C 105          Critical Approaches to the Natural and Mathematical Sciences*
COLL-S 105          Freshman Seminar in Natural and Mathematical Sciences*
CSCI-A 110          Introduction to Computers and Computing
CSCI-A 201          Introduction to Programming I
CSCI-A 202          Introduction to Programming II
CSCI-C 102           Great Ideas in Computing
CSCI-C 211           Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI-C 212           Introduction to Software Systems
CSCI-H 211          Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI-H 212          Introduction to Software Systems, Honors
GEOG-G 107       Physical Systems of the Environment*
GEOG-G 109       Weather and Climate*
GEOG-G 185       Global Environmental Change*
GEOG-G 208       Environment and Society*
GEOL-G 103        Earth Science: Materials and Processes*
GEOL-G 104        Evolution of the Earth*
GEOL-G 105        Earth: Our Habitable Planet*
GEOL-G 111        Physical Geology*
GEOL-G 112        Historical Geology*
GEOL-G 114        Dinosaurs and Their Relatives*
GEOL-G 116        Our Planet and Its Future*
GEOL-G 121        Meteorites and Geological Processes in Planets*
GEOL-G 131        Oceans and Our Global Environment*
GEOL-G 141        Earthquakes and Volcanoes*
GEOL-G 171        Environmental Geology*
GEOL-G 188        Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada: Geology and Natural Heritage of the Long Valley Caldera*
GEOL-S 103         Earth Science: Materials and Processes Honors*
GEOL-S 121         Meteorites and Geological Processes in Planets, Honors*
HON-H 241          Scientific Uncertainty and Discovery *
HPSC-X 200         Scientific Reasoning
HPSC-X 229         Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics*
HPSC-X 253         Inductive Reasoning
INFO-H 101         Introduction to Informatics—Honors
INFO-I 101           Introduction to Informatics
INFO-I 123           Data Fluency
LING-L 203          Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
LING-L 245          Language and Computers
MATH-D 116 and D 117  Introduction to Finite Mathematics I and II (2 cr. + 2 cr.)1
MATH-J 113        Introduction to Calculus with Applications
MATH-M 118     Finite Mathematics
MATH-M 119     Brief Survey of Calculus I
MATH-M 120     Brief Survey of Calculus II
MATH-M 211     Calculus I
MATH-M 212     Calculus II
MATH-M 213     Accelerated Calculus
MATH-S 118       Honors Finite Mathematics
MATH-S 212       Honors Calculus II
MATH-V 118       Finite Mathematics with Applications: Finite Math in Action
MATH-V 118       Finite Mathematics with Applications: Finite Mathematics for the Social and Biological Sciences
MSCI-M 216       Medical Science of Psychoactive Drugs*
PHIL-P 250           Introductory Symbolic Logic
PHIL-P 251           Intermediate Symbolic Logic
PHSL-P 215          Basic Human Physiology*
PHYS-P 101         Physics in the Modern World*
PHYS-P 105         Basic Physics of Sound*
PHYS-P 108         Audio Technology Acoustics Laboratory*
PHYS-P 109         Introductory Acoustics Laboratory*
PHYS-P 111         Physics of Extraterrestrial Life and Death*
PHYS-P 120         Energy and Technology*
PHYS-P 125         Energy in the Twenty-first Century*
PHYS-P 150         How Things Work*
PHYS-P 151         Twenty-first–Century Physics*
PHYS-P 199         Physical Science through Inquiry*
PHYS-P 201         General Physics I*
PHYS-P 202         General Physics II*
PSY-P 101            Introductory Psychology I*
PSY-P 106            General Psychology, Honors*
PSY-P 151            Introduction to Psychology I for Majors*
PSY-P 155            Introduction to Psychological and Brain Sciences*
PSY-P 201            An Introduction to Neuroscience*
PSY-P 204            Psychological and Biological Bases of Human Sexuality*
SOC-S 110            Charts, Graphs, and Tables
SPEA-E 272          Introduction to Environmental Sciences*
SPEA-S 272          Honors—Introduction to Environmental Sciences*
SPH-N 231           Human Nutrition*
STAT-S 100          Statistical Literacy
TOPT-V 201         Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye*
VSCI-V 250          The Miracle of Sight*

1 Note: MATH-D 116–D 117 is a two-course sequence. Credit is not given for D 116 until D 116 is completed with a minimum grade of C– and D 117 is completed with a passing grade.

* Natural Science course